Gilliegrae Setters​

Irish Setters & Irish Red and White Setters

Puppies have arrived.........

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of the latest Gilliegrae Irish Red and White Litter

Micah (Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at Gilliegrae x Alanea Game Warden proudly introduce 4 sons and 4 daughters born on

Saturday 22 November 2020  

Dad - Alanea Game Warden - Regan

Regan is bred and owned by Anita Tattershall

He is 7 years old, a handsome chap with a beautiful temperament

Hips: 5

Hereditary clear of CLAD & vWD

Mum - Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at

Gilliegrae - Micah

Micah is Kane's daughter, she is 3 years old, a petit but powerful little girl, with a gentle personality

Hips: 6

Hereditary Clear vWD & CLAD

Eyes: Clear PPC May 2020

26th October 2020

Confirmation that Mich is in whelp with an expected 

8 puppies, exciting times a head at Gilliegrae !

4 boys & 4 girls

Micah gave birth to her first puppy at 1:50am and steady gave birth to all 8 puppies during the night, her last one arrived at 5:30.

She was an absolute star!

Miss Pink

First born was a daughter weighing 340 grams

Mr Grey

First born was a son weighing 370 grams

Miss Red

Second Daughter weighing 350 gram

Mr Green

2nd son weighing 417 gram, the largest of the litter at birth

Miss Cerise

Another girl weighing 330, smallest puppy at birth

Mr Blue

Next another boy weighing 360 gram

Mr Black

Another boy weighing 410 gram

Miss Yellow

And finally another little girl weighing 375 gram

23 November 2020

24 hours old, the most settled litter, they potter about, fascinating to watch how they can go from one side of the whelping box to the other and know exactly where the milk bar is even though they are blind, there sense of direction is far better than mine and their sense of smell is far better than Graham's, he always says he can't smell anything LOL

Miss Pink weighs 410 gram, Mr Grey weighs 465 gram

Miss Red weighs 420 gram, Mr Green weighs 495 gram

Miss Cerise weighs 405 gram, Mr Blue weighs 440 gram

Mr Black 510 gram - little fatty, Miss Yellow 450 gram

So all in all extremely pleased with their progress