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Redmore Diamond Geezer Mit Gilliegrae (Imp Aut) 'Kane'

DOB: 11 September 2013

CLAD: Clear

vWD: Clear

Hips:  15

Kane is from the Redmore Kennel in Austria bred by Michaela Mannie, Graham and I drove from England and Michi drove from Austria, we met in the middle and brought him home at 16 weeks. He is the most loving and gentle lad but we are sure he is crossed with a lizard his tongue is that long when he gives you his loving licks

Kane at shows

I was meant to show Kane, but he decided he had other plans!

He was always so powerful that I just couldn't manage him so Graham took over. He is 'different' as he has European lines and also a lot of red, so some judges love him and other's don't, not that we are bothered as we always take the best dog home and he is such a loving, gentle character

Who couldn't love that face!

Kane is 7 years old now, how time flies. He is the most loving dog, likes nothing more than to cuddle on the sofa with us, his middle name is lizard, he has the longest tongue ever or so it seems, as no matter how far you try to move.....that tongue gets you every time LOL