Gilliegrae Setters​

Irish Setters & Irish Red and White Setters

Where it all began...........

Graham and I have been married since 1987 and always owned dogs, however our dream was always to own an Irish Setter.

Graham is a retired firefighter and I work as a Psychiatric Nurse. We have 3 adult children, Stewart, Iain and Steffany and a grandson, Thomas. An ordinary family, with a love for animals.

We have had the usual goldfish, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits as the children grew up. We always had Kerry Blue Terriers. We now have seven setters, one German Shorthaired Pointer and an African grey parrot - not a quiet life by any means.

In 2007 we bought our first girl, Rappatty Red Velvet (Etney) from a local breeder Mrs Pat Luto. Whilst searching the internet we 'fell' upon Irish Red and White Setters and decided "in for a penny, in for a pound", lets have one of each, so 2 months later we brought Casefelice Balwen (Cara) home from Mr & Mrs Lamb. Etney and Cara from the very first moment they met were the best of friends, where one went the other wasn't far behind.

We don't know whether we should thank them or murder them, since that day we have been "bitten by the setter bug"; the Gilliegrae journey started, we have met some wonderful people, travelled around the UK and Ireland, we regularly attend both Open and Championship shows around the country and have had some fantastic days out, sometimes we even come home with a rosette!

Rappatty Red Velvet 'Etney' 2007-2020


Casafelice Balwen 'Cara' 2007-2019

It would never have started without these two beautiful girls. 2 months between them, they stuck together like glue. Etney was a little lost during her last 12 months without her soul mate by her side.

Together again for ever xx

Proud to be part of the scheme.................